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All pets being groomed at Pet Styling by Sherry must be current on all vaccinations:
DOGS: Rabies, DHLPPC, Bordetella

We groom all breeds of dogs and cats here at Pet Styling by Sherry.  Our professional groomers can do any type of hair cut, from a light trim to a full summer shave.  A full groom includes the hair cut of your choice, a nail trim, ear cleaning, expressing of anal glands, and a bath and blow dry. Price depends on breed, clip and coat condition.


For those pets not requiring a hair cut, we offer a deluxe bath.  This includes a nail trim, ear cleaning, expressing of anal glands, and a bath and blow dry.  Price depends on breed and coat condition.


Our regular grooming and bathing services include professional shampoos and conditioners.  We also offer special shampoos for your pet's specific skin and coat needs.  For sensitive skin, we have a hypoallergenic shampoo that is gentle and non-irritating.  For dry, itchy or flaky skin we have a Moisturize Package that hydrates the skin while gently cleaning the coat.  Our Soothe Package is also excellent for itchy or irritated skin.  For those pets with special skin conditions, we also have a medicated shampoo with 3% Chlorhexidine.


For pets that shed excessively, we have a Deshedding Program.  We start with a special tool that helps pull out undercoat, which is what usually is shed in your house, on your furniture, and on your clothes.  We remove undercoat from your dog before the bath, then use a special conditioner that helps loosen up the remaining undercoat.  We then use a conditioning mist before a high velocity blow dry.  Last we go over your pet once more with our deshedding tools and we finish with either a Coat Oil or Silk Sheen Finishing Product.  When done regularly, this program can help reduce shedding up to 60-80%.  Price depends on breed and coat condition.


While your pet is getting groomed or bathed, we can brush their teeth for you!  Each pet gets their own disposable toothbrush with toothpaste and a mouth rinse.  Teeth Brushing is $10.00


Fleas can be irritating pests to both you and your pet.  If your pet has fleas, we have a special flea shampoo that will rid your pet of fleas.  We also carry Frontline, a topical once-a-month flea treatment that protects your pet from fleas and ticks.  If you have any questions about flea control and how to treat your house, feel free to ask our friendly staff!  Flea Shampoo is $4.00 (small), $5.00 (medium), and $6.00 (large) in addition to the bathing/grooming price.  Frontline can be purchased for $16.00 (cat), $16.00 (small dog), $17.00 (medium dog), $18.00 (large dog), and $20.00 (extra large dog).


When pets get matted, there are several health concerns that arise.  The skin directly underneath a mat does not have access to air and sores and hot spots can form.  Also, brushing out mats can be very uncomfortable and even painful for your pet.  We can brush out a matted dog for an additional $10.00 per 15 minutes of brush out time.  However, this will only be done at the groomers discretion and a severely matted dog will have to be evaluated at the time of grooming.  For extreme cases we recommend shaving the coat.  Your pet's health and comfort are our top priorities and although we are in the business of making animals beautiful, we will not put their health second.  We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.


A nail trim is included in any grooming or bathing service.  After trimming the nails, the edges can be rather sharp.  We can grind down the tips of your pet's nails so they are smooth and round.  A nail trim without a bath or groom is $12.00 and a nail grind is $12.00 in addition to the bathing/grooming price.


If you are short on time and need your pet to be in and out as soon as possible, we have an ASAP service.  You can drop your pet off at 9am and pick them up by 11am.  This is especially convenient for older pets who do not cope well with unfamiliar places.  ASAP Service is $10.00 in addition to the bathing/grooming price.


It is our goal to make your pet as comfortable as possible during their time here.  Some pets do not like getting groomed or bathed and can be difficult to handle.  An uncooperative pet is more likely to get injured during the grooming process, and is more likely to injure one of our staff.  For cases such as these, we have a $10.00+ handling fee.  For extreme cases, tranquilizers may be required in order to groom your pet.  If this is the case, we ask that you obtain tranquilizers from your vet and medicate your pet before bringing them to their grooming appointment.  We always have the health and safety of your pet in mind, as well as the safety of our grooming staff.  Again, we appreciate your cooperation and understanding.


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