13707 West Road ~ Houston, TX 77041 ~ (832) 237-2060



Is your dog home alone all day while you're at work?  Does your dog have a lot of energy?  Do you have a puppy that loves playing with other dogs?  Then our Doggie Daycare is for you!  Bring your dog in for the day to play with other dogs in our daycare program.  We have an outdoor play area as well as an indoor play room.  Our daycare program is regularly run by our daycare counselor Josh.  The dogs are never left unsupervised and are always encouraged to play nicely with other dogs.  

R U L E S   F O R   D A Y C A R E

  • All dogs must be spayed/neutered.

  • All dogs must be current on all vaccinations.

  • All dogs must have FUN while in daycare!




Full Day

Half Day

0 50 Pounds



50+ Pounds



If your dog is boarding, daycare will be $18.oo for a full day and $10.oo for a half day. 




D I S C O U N T   P A C K A G E S

Day Care package plans can be purchased at discounted rates.  Plan includes 20 days to be used at any time within a 3 month period of time.



10 Day Package

20 Day Package

0 50 Pounds



50+ Pounds






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