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We have many different boarding options here at Pet Styling by Sherry.  All of our boarders receive excellent care from our trained and experienced kennel staff.  Each dog that boards with us is walked four times a day: first thing in the morning, after eating breakfast, in the afternoon, and again in the evening.  All boarders are also provided with comfortable fleece bedding and fresh water at all times.  We ask that you bring your own food from home so we can keep your pet on their routine feeding schedule.  Call us or e-mail info@petstylingbysherry.com to make a reservation!

S U I T E   B O A R D I N G
Our suites provides a comfortable environment for your pet to board in without being confined to a kennel.  Each suite contains a cot for your dog to sleep on and a television for noise comfort.  Each suite is also decorated with a different theme!

Small Suite
(5' x 4')
  -  $28.oo a night per dog.
Large Suite (5' x 8')  -  $32.oo a night per dog.
2nd dog in same suite will receive a 25% discount.
3rd dog in same suite will receive a 50% discount.


C R A T E   B O A R D I N G
For those who prefer kennels, we have three different size kennels to choose from.  Our small kennels are ideal for dogs 20 lbs. and under, medium kennels for 21 to 50 lbs. and large for over 50 lbs.
Small Crate
Medium Crate 
Large Crate
  -  $19.oo/night


If your dog needs some extra attention while boarding, we recommend a playtime!  If your dog gets along with other dogs, he or she can play in the daycare room.  If your dog prefers one-on-one attention, we recommend an individual playtime session with one of our staff.  Individual sessions can be purchased at $5.00/15 minutes and group sessions can be purchased at $8.00/30 minutes.

While you are on vacation, your pet can be on vacation too!  They will have a blast playing with other dogs and making new friends in either our indoor daycare room or our outdoor play yard!  While your dog is boarding with us, we offer daycare at discounted rates!  As long as your dog is spayed/neutered, they are welcome to join our daycare where they can play with other dogs.  See our Daycare page for more information.
Half Day
  -  $10.oo
Full Day  -  $18.oo




C A T   B O A R D I N G
For kitties, we have deluxe cat condos.  Each condo has two shelves covered in fleece bedding for your cat to relax and sleep on.  Each cat is also provided with a private litter box and fresh food and water at all times.  All cat condos are in our "cat room" so each cat can be let out one at a time to exercise and play.
Cat Condo  -  $18.oo/night


All boarders are asked to bring their own food.  A change in diet can cause an upset stomach, vomiting, and/or diarrhea.  Enough food for your pet's stay, brought in zip-lock bags or small plastic containers, is greatly appreciated.  We will provide clean food and water bowls and fresh bedding daily.  Toys, bones, and treats are welcome.  We are not responsible for lost or chewed items.



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